4 Types of False Lashes You Should Know About

Monet Davis


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There are times when you want the eyes to play a bigger role in your makeup look and mascara just won’t do the trick! False eyelashes are a quick fix that'll take your beat from mediocre to glamorous in an instant and thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Before deciding on the type of falsies you want to enhance your look, consider the shape of your eyes. For smaller eyes, lashes should generally be more spread out and wispy. Those with larger set eyes can typically get away with lashes that are fuller and more dramatic.


If the name doesn't give it away, these lashes are meant to mimic your natural eyelash pattern with a little extra length and curl. They may also be a little more sparse so that you can easily blend your own lashes with the synthetic hairs.


Want to go absolutely glam for your next big event or night out? Brands like Huda Beauty and Velour Lashes are known for their full and fluttery eyelash collections. Voluminous strip lashes normally have a larger band (the area where you apply the lash glue), so if you have sensitive eyes, these may not be for you. When applied, they should make your eyes look bigger, but if you have smaller shaped eyes, try clipping the ends so they don't completely block your view.


Individual lashes are a step up from strip lashes. Individuals are for the beauty lovers that want long-lasting lash pay off without having to reapply them every day. Although you can get your individuals in short, medium, or long lengths it is important that they are fit to your eye, so take into consideration the shape of your eyes (the smaller the eye, the shorter the length) and consult a certified lash professional.


Add some semi-permanent volume to your beauty routine for a couple of months with more voluminous individual lashes. These individuals will not only look more thick and inviting in the box, but give tons of extra length and curl to your eyelashes if installed properly. Like your standard individuals, consult with a lash tech before having these applied to your eyes.

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